Piping Design Videos 03: Heat Exchangers - Part 1

The following list of Heat Exchanger Videos, I think would be helpful not only for Trainee Piping Designers and Engineers, but also as a refresher or reference for experienced Pipers. 
Please note some of the videos are Visual only, that is, without any Audio. 
Be aware that in the future, these links may no longer function if the originating author has removed the videos from the website.



Heat Exchangers principles - Complete video 


Heat Exchanger Removal & Cleaning 


Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor -- Peinemann Equipment 


Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor -- Peinemann Equipment 


Scissorlift TLE -- Peinemann Equipment 


Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger - Working Principle 


Spiral Heat Exchanger 


Air Cooler Heat Exchanger - Animated Assembly

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