Dimensioning above and beyond

Have you ever been in the field and had a pipe, object, or point that is just out of reach. I’ve had that problem also. So here is a remedy that I have come up with. 

What you will need is a (1) roll of colored twine and a (2) plumb bob.

1. Look around the area to make sure that you will not damage or break anything when you toss the plumb bob over the object your trying to measure. 

2. Once over the object, extend the twine till the plumb bob touches the ground or pad. 

3. With the roll end of the twine look around to find a point you can drag the twine across. At that point, mark the twine with a reference mark. This can be a Sharpe mark, piece of tape around the twine, or a knot. 

4. With the mark set on the twine, drag the twine across the point till it comes to the first object you want to locate.

5. Place another mark on the twine to indicate the new location.

6. Continue with the same process if there is another point you need locate. 

7. When finished, pull the plumb bob down.

8. Clip the twine at the first mark to something solid, that you can attach a tape measure to. 

9. Stretch out the twine along with you tape measure till you find the second mark. Read distance. 

10. Continue to you have all you marks measured, either continuous from the first mark or distances from mark to mark.

11. Finish by placing the dimensions you obtained on you sketch.

Happy field work........................


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{cb:Lee Smith is the Owner/Operator of Smith Design, CADWorx and AutoCAD experienced,}

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