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TOPIC: Water hammer or natural freqency.

Re: Water hammer or natural freqency. 5 years 7 months ago #7037

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You wrote the following which left me totally confused.
#1- "I've heard that one should choose the first natural frequency higher than 4-5Hz to reduce the risk of damage to the piping system."
Yes that is true if you are talking about piping around Reciprocating Compressors (Recip.)and some (not all) Positive Displacement Pumps. In the 1960's when I did my actual Compressor Piping Layout, the compressor vendor gave us the natural frequency data on the compressor. We had company guidelines for support spacing, location and type of Hold-downs and Snubbers. After the Design was complete and ready for the internal checking we sent a complete compressor layout package to an outside company for an Analog Study. We would get back a report and if required their recommendations for modifications. These recommendations were normally few and minor in nature. The changes (if any) were made and then the Compressor package was checked, corrected and issued AFC.
Your post does not define any type of equipment and this has nothing to do with Drainage so, as I said I am confused.

#2- "You must add dampers."
Again this is true with Recip. Compressors and some PD Pumps but not all. This also has nothing to do with Drainage of Storm Water or other fluids

#3- "We live in an area without risk of earthquake"
I do not understand this. What does an earthquake have to do with your question?

#4- "but we do have bad draining and therefore big risk for water hammer."
Bad draining of what? If it is surface Drainage then you would not have Water Hammer. Water Hammer would only happen in a closed and pressured system (some not all). Again I am confused.

In your post you have "suggested" a number of scenarios (Possible- the natural frequency in piping for Recip compressors, Positive Displacement Pumps, Drainage which could be surface, atmospheric gravity or pressure system) but nothing definitive.
My bottom line here is this, I have no idea what you are asking or what you need.
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Re: Water hammer or natural freqency. 5 years 7 months ago #7042

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Ok, I´ll try to explain....
In one end I got a steam-boiler and in other end I got a turbine that makes a generator produce electricity.
To create low stresslevel in piping and low forces at turbine nozzel you can let the entire steam-pipe be set up in springhangers. If doing so, one can see that the pipe swings. Rocking back and forth, and since we do not have any damping oscillations can be quite large and sometimes damage the turbine. To prevent this to happen we do a modal analysis (in CAEPIPE) and trying to get the first frequency as high as posslible. The damping that exist in a piping system will be good enough for higher frequencies.

If you must keep to only hangers to reach demant from turbine supsupplier then you must ad dampers to protect from vibrations.

This is no exact sciences, only my thoughts about this task.
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