Sketching and Baseline

When I’m out at multiple sites, sometimes I forget which picture goes with each site. This app is called Theodolite. The more information that you can incorporate into your pictures and sketches, the more confident and accurate you design will be.

When you look at the screen, this is what you’ll see. The green crosshairs in the center shows that you are shooting a level picture. Under preference, you can pick position format, camera format(photo or movie), and geodetic datum.

Pick feet or meters, compass north, and from degrees or grade. Under log is where you keep you notes. And in the mail selection, mail straight to email accounts, if you connected.

The app records the date, time, gps locations, direction you are taking the picture, tilt of the camera, and the elevation (rough). You can also add notes to indicate where you are at and what you are looking at.

I've been using this on walkdowns to, like I mentioned, keep track of where the shot was taken. The coordinates used in the position area are usable on Google Earth and are accurate with in 3 meters. So if you forget to add in the notes area the location, just locate it. The bearing and angle portions can help you establish on plans which way you were looking.

Also, a good reminder of time keeping and helps let the boss know your out working instead of goofing off. Just set the time settings to whatever time zone you need and track time spent at a site and what to charge to on that day.

Just an idea for keeping your data organized.

Keep having fun in the field

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Lee Smith is the Owner/Operator of Smith Design, CADWorx and AutoCAD experienced,

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COM_KUNENA_TOPIC Section - 12G: Photographs with intelligence

Posted: 2 years 9 months ago by Jop #9296
Jop's Avatar
This sounds like a very good idea.
Now can you please furnish us with the data for this unit?
- Name?
- Maker?
- Technical data?
- Any extras or options?
- Full Cost?
- any other issues a new user would need to know?
Posted: 2 years 8 months ago by LeeSmith #9300
LeeSmith's Avatar
The app is for iPhone and is called Hunter Research & Technology. It cost approx. $10.00.
It has the options for still or movie camera. You can all notes to the photos prior to processing it. Switch between imperial or metric on all data. Change Geodetic datum , comes with World Geodetic system 1972 and you can purchase others.
Posted: 2 years 9 months ago by Anton #9295
Anton's Avatar
New Article in Section 12 - Nice job Lee.
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