Keeping piping data at your finger tips

There are three apps I use for piping fittings and pipe information.

Piping Abacus

The first is Piping Abacus. Really simple to use. This app has all the fittings, valves, branch connections and more. There is three different methods of viewing the data. Each method you set the pipe settings and scroll up and down as required. The Catalog show each fitting or valve per line size set. The Chart mode show the fittings and adds fitting make up to mating fittings. The last is the Wheel method which is basically the same as the catalog but you can scroll the wheel to change pipe size. All three methods can utilize the calculator to add up total assembly lengths.



Piping Database Extreme

The second piping data app is Piping Database Extreme. This is a wheel based app that has all the fittings, data, and valves. It also has malleable iron fittings, orifice flanges, pipe spacing, and pipe support span suggested charts. Also, there is a built-in calculator in this app also.




Pipedata Plus

The final piping data app I use is Pipedata Plus. This app is a modified wheel selection app with all the data for size, schedule easy to select. This app has all the flanges and valves as the others. The extras in this app are pipe flexibility and also has safe spans for supporting. All this app is missing is a calculator.


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